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About Us

Who we are

AMT is an Internet intermediary allowing businesses and people to display market, promote, list content and sell. Granting users to view compare and make enquiries. Allmightytrader operates a neutral marketplace where buyers sellers and consumers can operate under the one platform. Creating economic opportunity and prosperity under the one platform for the people we serve

What we do

We have developed an online process that facilitates any or all business, giving easy access spreading information through global networks allowing people to access your information from every corner of the worldWe provide information about any business, product or service in your native language. We are about creating opportunities, connecting people, businesses and their lifestyle together.


Can log on and get active searching for opportunities, looking for and comparing pricing. A consumer can make a enquiry for a single item or for business

Work opportunities

Privacy policy


AMT welcomes third party developers to help us make Allmightytrader a more powerful application to serve the people and make the world a better place to live. We welcome developers from everywhere to help us create innovative and creative applications that we just wouldn’t have the resources to build in house. Developers will benefit from AMT platform, giving them the potential to broadly distribute their applications building new business opportunities with us.



Benefits and advantages of being listed (businesses): can update, display deals, promote, advertise, be accessed nationally and globally allowing users to quickly and easily access your services globally by mobile web, and online building new business opportunities. Growing and expanding your business for a minimal cost, generating a high level of awareness.


Promotes for you

Allmightytrader is about helping you keep your money and making you more. We generate publicity, which in turn generates opportunities which turns into leads for you. We give your company products and service exposure which generate leads. The better the deal campaign your company offers focusing on content the more enquiries you will receive.We come up with creative ideas to market your services.

Market Place

Make a difference

Free Services


Get listed for free and only pay if you wish to pay for leads.

Business benefits

Our multi-language framework enables businesses or consumers to access your company in over 40 languages from anywhere in the world. Users do not pay for using the services or making enquiries. They can make inquiries to buy, purchase, or just use the service to make a enquiry.

Consumer benefits

Are to compare pricing locally, nationally, and globally. Search for opportunities, find new trends.

Accessing information

Consumers can make enquiries in over 40 languages from anywhere in the world with endless possibilities accessing information that is relevant to your world. Allmightytrader has the greatest source of information and can be used to obtain business or consumer leads at a low cost from a global marketplace